1920's & 1930's

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Art. nr: 24_81346

Red Bathing Suit

Art. nr: 24_81189

Purple Burlesque

Art. nr: 24_81188

Pink Burlesque

Art. nr: 24_81187

Green Burlesque

Art. nr: 24_81186

Red Burlesque

Art. nr: 24_81032_05c

Rock And Roll Girl

Art. nr: 24_81028_05c

Silver Flapper Dress

Art. nr: 24_81027_05c

Purple Flapper Dress

Art. nr: 24_81026_05c

Red Flapper Dress

Art. nr: 24_81025_05c

Black Flapper Dress


Items 1-12 of 18

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