About us

Who are we?

At Partychimp we have a passion for party items. We are always working to offer a range with the best products and the latest trends. To achieve this, we have an experienced team that organizes the entire distribution of the products and keeps a close eye on it. We manage the process from design in the factories to delivery to you as a customer.
Our product range is very varied and contains articles from many different themes. this way there is something for everyone and it is our goal to let all people enjoy our products and have an unforgettable experience!

Exclusive distributor
In addition to our own product lines, we also have the exclusive distribution rights of a number of well-known international brands within the Netherlands. These brands have been carefully selected as a supplement to our own product range and are therefore subject to the same strict quality control.

Custom Datafeeds
We also offer the possibility to compile a custom data feed. Together with our customers we look at which attributes are necessary for them and based on this information a custom data feed is compiled that is updated 24/7 every 30 minutes.